Equine Veterinary Malpractice

When negligence on the part of a veterinarian, trainer, caretaker or another professional leads to the death or injury of a thoroughbred horse, legal action may be necessary to hold them accountable. Garmer & Prather represents horse owners who have suffered losses due to the negligence of equine professionals with whom they have entrusted the care of their valuable animals.

Protecting The Interests Of Kentucky Horse Breeders

The attorneys at Garmer & Prather develop customized legal strategies to pursue fair compensation for losses caused by horse trainer or caretaker negligence or veterinary malpractice. That commitment starts, when feasible, by attempting to settle claims by working cooperatively with those who caused the injury. Our legal team utilizes a wide range of resources, including collaboration with some of the nation's leading veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, trainers, bloodstock agents and appraisers. Our central Kentucky location gives us ready access to the nation's largest concentration of equine professionals.

Veterinary malpractice, horse caretaker negligence and trainer negligence can take many forms. Claims may involve mistreatment of animals, surgical errors leading to infections or other damages, improper injections leading to illness, and other negligent veterinary procedures. Claims may also arise from barn and stable fires or other accidents caused by carelessness or improper supervision.

Discuss Your Case With Us

A large investment of time and money is made when training a well-bred horse to reach its potential. When caretaker negligence or veterinary malpractice destroys a promising racehorse's ability to compete, those responsible should be held accountable. Contact Garmer & Prather, PLLC, to discuss your case.