Representing Mining Accident Victims

Mining operations pose countless hazards. When negligence or a faulty product leads to an accident, it can cause catastrophic personal injury or death. At Garmer & Prather, we are committed to seeing that the responsible parties are held accountable.

Mining accident claims can involve a variety of circumstances, including mine collapses, explosions or detonation system accidents, and defective equipment. Even beyond the site of the mine, mining operations can pose a risk to employees or the general public. Coal trucks may be overloaded or the negligence of a truck driver may cause an accident. Homes, livelihoods and even lives may be lost by mining operations gone awry.

When Mining Companies And Equipment Manufacturers Fail

Companies that run the region's coal mines are required to follow specific laws intended to keep their employees and others safe. The manufacturers of mining equipment know that they must ensure the safety of that equipment.

Garmer & Prather handles cases involving strip mines (surface mines), deep mines (underground mines), and personal injuries stemming from draglines, electric shovels, roof collapses, blasting, cave-ins, dam breaks and flooding, among others. We accept cases in which individuals have suffered serious bodily injury or death as a result of negligence of a third party.

Working Closely With Clients

Attorneys at Garmer & Prather have provided skilled legal representation to people in Lexington and throughout Kentucky for decades. Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and then crafts sound legal strategies in pursuit of the clients' objectives.

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