Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents involving commercial airliners or private planes are unlike other personal injury and wrongful death cases. At Garmer & Prather, we have experience sorting through complicated cases. We know how to design detailed legal strategies to work through challenging matters and obtain results that meet our clients' needs.

Experience With Complex Cases

At Garmer & Prather in Lexington, Kentucky, we have the experience to help people with the legal challenges and factual complexities of plane crash cases. We are available to handle all types of aviation accident cases, including:

  • Plane crashes
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Commercial airline accidents
  • General aviation accidents
  • Runway collisions
  • Fuel explosions
  • Engine failure
  • Instrument defects

Bill Garmer was one of five attorneys selected to the trial team to represent the passengers of Comair Flight 5191, which crashed on takeoff from Lexington, Kentucky, in Aug. 2006 with tragic results. Together, these attorneys successfully represented the victims' families and estates in this difficult, high-profile case.

A Team Approach To Your Case

We take a team approach to plane crash cases. In addition to our own experienced group of lawyers, we enlist leading pilots, flight instructors, aeronautical engineers, accident reconstructionists and other industry specialists as the situation requires experts to scrutinize the cause of every aviation accident we handle. We fully utilize our extensive resources to establish liability, and then rely on economists, physicians and life care planners to quantify damages.

The attorneys at Garmer & Prather have experience ranging from major commercial airline disasters to general aviation crashes, involving both pilot error and mechanical failure. We understand the complexity of our air travel system, and we know that pilots and passengers rely on many people doing their jobs cautiously and skillfully to ensure the safety of air travelers.

When the system fails, we can help you seek resolution of your claims. We prepare every case with trial in mind, and our attorneys have a reputation for success in the courtroom. Contact us to get your questions answered.