Railroad Accidents: Representing Victims And Their Families

The legal team at Garmer & Prather represents clients who have been injured by the railroads. This may include a collision with a train or railroad car, or fires or chemical spills from derailed or improperly maintained trains.

Often, railroad accidents can be the result of mechanical failures, failure to properly maintain railroad tracks, or conductor negligence. Although railroad accidents occur with less frequency than automobile accidents, the devastation is often far greater in railroad accidents.

Garmer & Prather accepts cases involving grade crossing collisions, signal malfunctions, failure of a conductor to blow the train whistle, accidents in which vehicles have been struck on railroad tracks, railroad fires, chemical spills, as well as other types of railroad accidents that have caused severe injury or death. If you or someone in your family has been hurt, seek the legal advice you need.


The law relating to railroad accidents is complex and fact-dependent, but the attorneys at Garmer & Prather are experienced at litigating these types of cases. We also enlist the services of industry experts, investigators, engineers, accident reconstructionists, and medical and rehabilitation professionals in establishing the best possible case for you.

Our attorneys develop legal strategies by methodically gathering and examining the many relevant facts behind a railroad accident, and enlisting top experts in the field to sort through the issues of fault. Contact us to get your questions answered.