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The attorneys at Garmer & Prather believe in the power of our justice system and in the capacity of juries to resolve difficult disputes. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the opportunity to pursue legal action against those who have wronged them or their family members. Our firm is located in Lexington, Kentucky, but we represent clients across Kentucky, from Lexington to Louisville, Pikeville to Paducah, and all places in between.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide experienced, high-quality representation to personal injury and wrongful death clients who have been affected by a wide variety of hardships. Our attorneys develop personalized legal strategies to help clients achieve their goals and to hold wrongdoers accountable for negligence.

Experience - Dedication - Compassion

The highly-respected trial lawyers at Garmer & Prather provide comprehensive litigation services in a wide range of matters, including medical malpractice, veterinary malpractice, nursing home abuse, defective and dangerous products, trucking and railroad accidents, plane crashes, wrongful death, mass torts, pharmaceutical and medical device cases, and many other cases where our clients want their day in court. Our reputation for success is rooted in hard work to protect the rights of injured clients. We have built that reputation in the face of long odds and against formidable opponents. We achieve success by carefully preparing each lawsuit to prove our client's case in court.

We take only a small number of cases, so that we can give each case the attention that our clients deserve. Our success is built on dedication to our personal injury and wrongful death clients, by listening to our clients' needs to ensure that every step we take meets the clients’ stated goals.

Our law firm combines a team of skilled attorneys with a devoted and attentive staff. We understand that the lives of our clients and their families have been drastically altered by the accidents or injuries that lead them to us. We strive we work hard to help them understand their legal options and to reach a fair and just resolution on each client’s behalf so that they can move forward and leave their hardships behind.

Please call us at (859) 254-9351 or visit us at our Lexington, Kentucky, office to learn more about how we can help you achieve the result you want.