Falls In Nursing Homes

Nursing home patients are victims of negligence and abuse in Kentucky and across the country. Falls are one of the accidents that many times can be prevented — yet nursing home negligence continues to put our loved ones at risk of fall injury every day.

The attorneys at Garmer & Prather, PLLC, are seasoned trial lawyers who stand up for nursing home fall injury victims across the region. When your loved one has been seriously injured, we will thoroughly investigate the situation and hold the facility accountable for the accident.

The Dangers Of Nursing Home Fall Injuries

Falls in nursing homes can happen to any resident, resulting in anything from bruises to broken bones, permanent disability or even death. Here are some statistics about the dangers of fall injuries:

  • Anywhere from 50 to 75 percent of nursing home patients suffer from fall injuries each year, many suffering from more than one.
  • Nursing home patients suffer nearly twice as many falls as elderly people living outside of nursing homes.
  • Around a quarter of nursing home falls are caused by poor lighting, wet floors or other issues with the facility.
  • Between 10 and 20 percent of fall injuries are serious, and upward of 1,800 nursing home patients die every year from falls.


Nursing homes know this and have a special responsibility to minimize the risk of falls by properly assessing residents and taking steps to keep residents safe. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are short-staffed or do not take the time to train their employees properly. This puts residents at risk. Many of these injuries occur simply because of negligence from the nursing home facility. When that happens, we can help you hold the nursing home responsible.

Protect Your Loved One From A Fatal Fall

Nursing home facilities have a responsibility to take preventative action against falls. The first step is to evaluate each resident thoroughly to determine who needs extra care and protection, making necessary modifications to accommodate their physical or mental impairment.

It is also critical for nursing home staff to properly maintain the premises. Dim lighting and slippery floors are often the cause of nursing home falls, and they can happen to any resident.

If your loved one has suffered from a serious fall in a nursing home, you should consult an experienced lawyer to investigate the situation. When nursing home negligence is to blame, we encourage you to take swift legal action to prevent this from occurring again. Contact our firm in Lexington today to schedule a free consultation.