Nursing Home Abuse

The legal team at Garmer & Prather is committed to serving clients who have suffered nursing home neglect and abuse. By dedicating our practice to the specific needs of a select group of clients, we are able to provide comprehensive legal strategies that aim to achieve precise objectives.

Nursing home residents are entitled to protection under the law. Moreover, because of the nature of nursing home facilities, residents are entitled to an elevated standard of care. Both on the federal and state levels, nursing home patients are guaranteed the right to be treated with respect, to be accorded full dignity, to receive competent and adequate care, to receive a reasonable response to all requests, and to file grievances or recommend changes regarding facility policies and practices among many other things. These protections are delineated in the nursing home residents' bill of rights. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to place residents' right above their bottom line, and people suffer as a result.

Skillful Representation

The lawyers of Garmer & Prather provide skillful representation to clients throughout Kentucky. We have extensive knowledge of the statutes that apply in cases involving abuse and neglect in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. In particular, we have pursued cases dealing with violations of the Kentucky Residents' Rights Act, which includes the Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights.

We handle all types of nursing home abuse and neglect claims, including those arising from:

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We are committed to holding nursing homes and care facilities accountable when they fail to appropriately care for their residents. We know that many of these cases are the direct result of nursing facilities' failure to maintain adequate staffing levels and their desire to put profits before people. Some nursing homes seek to save money and improve their bottom line by hiring workers without the skill or background to provide the proper care, or they simply have a staff that is too small to provide all of the services to which their residents are entitled.

If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, Garmer & Prather may be able to help. Contact us.