Defective Tools, Machinery And Equipment

At Garmer & Prather, PLLC, in Lexington, Kentucky, we have decades of experience taking action against negligent manufacturers and pursuing compensation for our clients' injuries. Our lawyers assist people who have been hurt by defective and dangerous products.

In most cases, operating products carefully and paying attention to manufacturer warnings are enough to prevent accidents. However, when manufacturers or distributors negligently sell an unsafe product, even the most careful person can sustain serious injury.

Dangerous Industrial Equipment

Whether you have been injured by heavy equipment on a job site, installed equipment at a plant or unsafe power tools, cases involving machinery are complex. Multiple parties can contribute to such an accident, including the equipment manufacturer, the person who installed it, maintenance staff, supervisors or co-workers.

In order to determine the root cause of the injury and determine who is responsible for the damage, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation with an understanding of state and federal safety regulations. Because we focus on handling complex cases, our products liability attorneys are experienced in handling these investigations and helping you pursue justice.

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