Trucking, Aviation And Railroad Accidents

At Garmer & Prather, we are seasoned trial lawyers dedicated to helping individuals and families recover physically, emotionally and financially from serious injuries and wrongful death.

Many personal injury law firms handle a large volume of fender benders and minor vehicle collisions. However, we find that our degree of experience and our ability to prepare complex cases are better suited to catastrophic, life-altering accidents.


Garmer & Prather attorneys provide knowledgeable advice to those who have been severely injured or lost loved ones in accidents, including:

  • Commercial truck collisions: Car-truck accidents are often disastrous for motorists given the difference in size and weight between the vehicles. We help accident victims take action against negligent truck drivers and the trucking companies who employ them. Our experience handling evidence in truck accident claims allows us to address every aspect of the case and maximize your chances of success.
  • Railroad accidents: Railroad derailments, collisions with cars, fires and mechanical failures may result in serious injuries. We work with industry experts, including engineers, planners and medical professionals to pursue financial relief for you.
  • Aviation accidents: Our skill in handling aviation accidents is illustrated by our experience. Our founding attorney, Bill Garmer, was selected as lead counsel to represent the families of the victims of the 2006 Comair Flight 5191 crash.
  • Bus and transit accidents: Drivers of buses, taxis and other transit vehicles are charged with the safety of their passengers. When they fail to uphold that responsibility, victims may be able to bring legal action.
  • Boating accidents on rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.


If you have been hurt in a serious vehicle accident through no fault of your own, we want to help you protect your interests and begin your recovery. Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation, either by phone or in our offices in Lexington, Kentucky.