Annual Roadcheck inspection blitz to target load securement

Kentucky truckers are probably aware of the annual inspection of fleets and drivers known as the International Roadcheck inspection blitz, which is conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The event is scheduled for June 6 through 8 and will focus on how to properly secure cargo.

Adhering to the North American Standard Level I inspections, inspectors will be ensuring all equipment and cargo on trucks is properly secured and will be thoroughly analyzing tie-downs for damage and wear. Cargo-securement violations include damaged, insufficient or loose tie-downs, failure to secure truck equipment and failure to prevent shifting/loss of cargo. To prepare for the stringent inspection event, CVSA has prepared a flyer outlining cargo securement tips. The North American Standard Level I inspections are known to be the most comprehensive inspections of both trucks and their drivers.

For the safety of themselves and other motorists, truck drivers and truck companies are required to ensure their cargo is not oversized and is properly secured. In addition, those who operate 18-wheelers should be extra vigilant when traveling around passenger vehicles and avoid improper braking, rear-end collisions, speeding and reckless driving; otherwise, they could be held liable for crash-related injuries if they cause an accident.

Motorists who were seriously injured in a truck accident might want to contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced in these types of claims and who understands the specific local, state and federal regulations that the trucker or the trucking company may have violated. The attorney could analyze police and witness reports, the victim’s medical reports and records of expenses associated with the accident, and weather and road condition evaluations. Plaintiffs who prevail in such cases are typically awarded compensation for damages stemming from the crash, including medical expenses, property damage and income losses. In some cases, plaintiffs could be compensated for pain and suffering.Source: Overdrive Online, “Load securement to be focus of annual Roadcheck inspection blitz”, Matt Cole, March 13, 2017

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