CVSA conducts unannounced brake inspections

Kentucky motorists may enjoy more safety on the road after unannounced inspections took nearly 2,000 commercial trucks off the road. The effort was part of an annual drive by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. An announced event is scheduled to take place on Sept. 7, 2017. The purpose of these inspections is to reduce the risk of truck accidents caused by failure to comply with brake standards.

The one-day event featured 9,524 inspections in 33 states and 10 provinces in Canada. There were 1,146 trucks sidelined for brake issues. Another 843 commercial vehicles were placed out ofservice for unstated violations.

The CVSA stated that, of the trucks that were inspected, 4,635 were required to be outfitted with anti-lock brake systems. Eight percent of these vehicles had ABS violations that warranted removal. ABS systems require maintenance to remain effective.

Many truck accidents are attributed to faulty brakes, and it is the duty of the owner of the truck to conduct periodic inspections of the vehicle and make the repairs that are necessary. Due to the sheer size and weight of semi trucks, which sometimes approach 80,000 pounds, a collision can result in catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles. These injuries can often require lengthy periods of expensive medical care and treatment, and some injured victims are unable to return to work. When it can be proven that the accident was caused by negligent truck maintenance, then a personal injury attorney might find it advisable to seek appropriate compensation through a lawsuit filed against the trucking company.


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