Driving safely around 18-wheel trucks

For many Kentucky drivers, passing large 18-wheel vehicles on the highway is an uncomfortable experience. Part of the reason for this is because these large commercial trucks can tend to drift in and out of their lane especially when other vehicles are attempting to pass them. However, there are certain things other motorists can do to be safe when driving around 18-wheelers.

Passing with extra care is extremely important around large trucks. Drivers of passenger vehicles should give trucks extra room, particularly when moving back into the lane the truck is in. Drivers should be able to see the front of the truck in their rear view mirror before they move back. This way, they can ensure that the truck driver sees them and that there is enough room between the two vehicles if the passenger car needs to stop suddenly.

When a commercial truck is about to move into a lane, a driver’s first instinct might be to try and speed up to get in front of the truck. However, 18-wheel trucks cannot stop as fast as passenger vehicles. Trying to speed up could put the passenger car in the direct path of an oncoming truck, potentially causing an accident. Drivers should wait and either safely pass the truck later on or slow down.

When truck accidents occur, those who are in passenger vehicles are more at risk for suffering severe or even life-threatening injuries due to the amount of force involved. If a truck driver causes an accident due to reckless driving or speeding, both the driver and the company that hired the driver could be held liable for damages and injuries. A personal injury attorney could gather evidence the shows that the truck driver was liable, including the police report and witness testimony. The attorney may then negotiate with the insurance company to seek an appropriate settlement.


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