Manufacturer improves safety technology for trucking industry

Strong demand for air brakes has prompted Bendix to expand its assembly facility in Kentucky. The company promotes its air disc brakes as an important safety element in the trucking industry’s future. This product can shorten the distances needed by large trucks to stop.

The company also made an announcement at a recent industry convention about its Intellipark system. This system detects if a driver leaves a truck cab without activating the parking brakes and then automatically initiates the air brakes to prevent the truck from rolling away. This automation addresses the rollaway safety issue that troubles many fleets. According to a Bendix survey, 60 percent of trucking fleets experienced a rollaway accident within the last two years.

Other product improvements developed by the company include an upcoming software update for the Wingman Fusion system. This software aids drivers with data collected by cameras on trucks. It manages warnings for lane departures and activates brakes to reduce rear-end collisions. Additionally, the company’s new EnduraSure and EnduraSure Pro lines of spring brakes offer longer lifespans, greater corrosion resistance and lower weight.

Trucking companies have an interest in promoting the safety of their vehicles because of accident liabilities. Truck accidents caused by poor vehicle maintenance, fatigued drivers or speeding drivers could lead to major personal injury payouts. An attorney could aid an injury victim by collecting evidence from a police investigation or consulting an independent accident investigator. Information from medical records detailing the extent of the victim’s pain and suffering could also be included in a lawsuit.


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