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Audi to issue 2 recalls in February

Two vehicle recalls may affect Kentucky residents who own Audi A5 and Q5 models. The recalls cover almost 600,000 vehicles. On Feb. 20, Audi will begin a recall of A5 Cabriolets, A5 Coupes and Q5 SUVs that were manufactured in the model years 2013 through 2017. The first vehicle recall concerns 342,867 cars that are all equipped with 2.0-liter TFSI engines.

The Audi engine problem involves an electric cooling pump that has the potential to become clogged with debris. When the cooling pump is clogged, it may overheat and start a fire. Once Audi notifies car owners about the recall, the German auto maker will begin updating the software for the coolant pump on the recalled cars. The software update will allow the power supply to shut down when it becomes clogged.

A second Audi recall that will begin in February covers Q5 SUVs with sunroofs that were manufactured in the model years 2011 through 2017. There is a roof drainage issue with these vehicles that causes water to drip into one of the airbag inflation canisters. If the canister becomes corroded and damaged from the water, the airbag could send shrapnel flying into the vehicle cabin when it is deployed. Audi will fix the problem for car owners once the recall starts.

Defective auto parts are sometimes responsible for the severity of car accident victims’ injuries. Even if they did not cause a car accident, a car manufacturer may hold some liability for the victims’ injuries. An attorney may be able to help a car accident victim to file a product liability claim against a car manufacturer.


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