Ford issues safety and compliance recalls for 400K vehicles

Kentucky drivers who own Ford vehicle should be aware that, on June 28, the motor vehicle company recalled approximately 400,000 vehicles due to a coupling issue and a driveshaft issue. The recall affects Ford Transit van or bus models from 2015 to 2017.

The affected vehicles were built in a Michigan-based plan between January 2014 and June 2017. It appears that some of those vehicles may have a cracked flexible coupling, which could cause the driveshaft to separate. If this happens, the vehicle could lose motive power while it is being driven. It could also cause vehicles that are parked without the parking brake engaged to move unintentionally. There have been no injuries or accidents reported due to these potential safety issues.

A safety compliance recall was also issued for four Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles for attachment stud replacements. A second safety compliance recall that affects three U.S. Ford Escape vehicles was issued due to a need to replace the driver knee airbag modules. No known accidents or injuries were reported due to these issues.

In the State of Kentucky, manufacturers and suppliers can be held responsible if their product or service results in a serious injury or death. If a manufacturer and supplier becomes aware of a product defect or malfunction, they must warn consumers about the hazard and take steps to fix or mitigate the problem. If a person does suffer injuries or dies due to an automobile design defect or dangerous product, a products liability attorney could demonstrate that the manufacturer or supplier was negligent when designing, making and selling the product, resulting in injury or death.

Source: CNBC, “Ford recalls more than 400,000 vehicles for safety and compliance issues“, Lauren Thomas, 06/28/2017


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