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Radiologists often not trained to detect elder abuse

Elder Kentucky residents are often at risk for suffering abuse. However, it can be difficult to detect abuse in the elderly, especially if the person cannot communicate about the mistreatment they are suffering either at home or in a nursing home. Radiologists are often highly trained to detect cases of abuse in children. With the proper training, they could also be able to assist with elder abuse cases.

Although radiologists often have the tools to help in elder abuse cases, a recent study found that very few experts are actually trained to do so. For the research, 19 diagnostic radiologists were interviewed. Only two experts had received any training, formal or informal. However, all of the participants believed that they had missed cases of elder abuse. Even so, the participants were eager to receive additional training.

Elder abuse can be particularly difficult to spot, even with proper training. In particular, signs of elder abuse can be misdiagnosed as age-related changes to bone and tissue, use of certain medication and accidental falls. Furthermore, some patients are still extremely active at an older age while other are bed bound. This can have an effect on radiographic imaging.

There are many ways in which a senior citizen can be abused. In addition to physical abuse, they can also be under medicated, over medicated or simply not be properly monitored. Malnutrition and bed sores are also major issues. If a family member believes that a relative has been abused in a nursing home or care facility, an attorney may explain the legal options available. In some cases, the family may seek compensation for medical costs associated with the abuse. If the abuse becomes fatal, the attorney may file a wrongful death claim.

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