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Subaru considers recalling 275,000 vehicles

Many Kentuckians like Subaru cars because of their features and fuel economy. According to news sources, the company recently admitted that it conducted inspections that did not meet the Japanese ministry’s standards for over 30 years and might recall as many as 275,000 cars.

News sources report that Subaru’s inspections during the manufacturing process did not comply with the rigorous inspection standards that were required by the Japanese government. The company admitted that it used unlicensed inspectors during its process while the government requires that the inspections are performed by licensed inspectors.

The company stated that there isn’t anything wrong with the cars that did not receive proper inspections, but it is mulling over whether or not it should recall them anyway. The affected cars are all in the Japanese domestic market. The company states that cars that were manufactured for export to other nations, including the U.S., would not be affected by any inspection-related recall of the Japanese cars.

Regulations are in place for car makers so that their products will be safe for the public. When vehicle manufacturers fail to adhere to the regulations that govern them, they might release vehicles that have defective components into the market. People who are injured in accidents involving cars with defective parts might have the legal grounds to sue the car manufacturers and others who were involved in bringing the vehicles to the market. Personal injury attorneys who are experienced in handling products liability cases might help their clients to prove that the defective components caused their accidents, injuries and resulting financial harms. By filing lawsuits, the injured victims might recover damages from the companies so that they may be fairly compensated for the harms that they have suffered.

Source: Auto Week, “Subaru conducted improper inspections for over 30 years,” Oct. 27, 2017.


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