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The future of autonomous trucks in Kentucky

While there are a number of self-driving cars being tested, computer-driven semi trucks aren’t standard yet. One of the reasons for this is that it’s difficult for autonomous trucks to make deliveries. While automated vehicles seem to have little problems dealing with roadways, the maneuvering involved in parking a truck at a loading bay is still difficult.

One company based in California, Starsky Robotics, believes that it may have developed a workaround for this issue. Along with using front and side camera systems and radar, the company also uses drivers that can remotely control trucks from an office.

According to company representatives, they are not anti-truck driver. Instead, they say that they are offering a safer option for long-haul truck drivers. The way their system works is that a driver in an office is able to control the throttle, steering and transmission. That driver is able to tell what the truck is doing and where obstacles may be thanks to the truck’s cameras and radar.

As dangerous as car accidents can be, truck accidents have the potential to cause far more damage to occupants of other vehicles Some semis can weigh as much as 80 tons due to the weight of the truck and the load it is allowed to carry. This means that even at low speeds, accidents involving a large truck can be disastrous. While autonomous technology may certainly reduced the number of accidents caused by truck driver fatigue, improper maintenance is still one of the leading causes of these types of collisions. Accordingly, an attorney representing a person who has been injured in an autonomous truck accident will likely review the maintenance logs when making a determination as to the party or parties that should bear financial responsibility.


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