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Volvo recall in Kentucky

As a result of a potential issue with certain airbags, Volvo is recalling approximately 5,500 vehicles. Vehicles included in the recall are 2017 S90, V90, and XC90 Cross Country cars and SUVs. Currently, Volvo is working with suppliers to determine if there are other vehicles that may be affected, so the recall may become larger after that investigation has been completed.

The issue with the vehicles being recalled is related to bolts holding inflatable curtain airbags in place. It appears that Volvo discovered the issue when repairs were being made to a courtesy handle on the top side of a car. A technician apparently discovered that one of the bolts holding the inflatable curtain in place may have been subjected to manufacturing errors that made it possible for this bolt to break or detach.

If bolts are not firmly in place, it may cause an airbag to deploy incorrectly during a crash. According to Volvo, if one of the bolts holding the airbag is bad, people may hear a noise coming from the area where the curtain airbags are. Volvo dealers will inspect and replace faulty bolts as needed to resolve the issue.

Automotive defects can sometimes be small issues that have no effect on people’s safety. However, some are serious and can increase a person’s risk of being in an accident or the chances of being injured in a crash. An attorney that deals with defective products may be able to help people determine if a manufacturer was at fault for damage to their vehicle or injuries resulting from an accident. If this appears to be the case, the filing of a lawsuit might be advisable.


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